Recycled Rubber Shoulder Bag, Large
Product code: S32SHLDLG

Unisex Bag
Reusable handle (110 cm)
Not lined
Material- Rubber
Color- Black
Metal clasp & buckle- Bronze
Measurement- 28X30X3 cm
Weight- 550 gm

Designer Philosophy
When used rubber inner-tubes from tires of any kind of vehicle are discarded, it takes more than 500 years to decompose, and if burned they are highly contaminating.

Around 100.000 tons of this material is disposed every year, only in Argentina.

Recycling is a compromise with the planet, and fashion has to do its part. All rubber inner-tubes are plain and have no texture when new, but after being used, the heat of the tires transfers the design to them, so you will find multiple textures.

Each finished piece has the story of many miles driven.